TEAM Gerard aka himself
Bianca aka Zullu Love
Greg aka Le Cowboy
LOCATION Paris, France
(Spotify reaching different countries, we use english as common language for the site.)
CONTACT gerard (at)
We use Spotify as a great resource to discover new music and to share it with the world. We explore, almost in real time, the daily new releases on Spotify and we select only what get our attention.

We also never forget that music is not a new born. We all have roots, music also. That's why we have an oldies section.

We don't think that because something is new, it has to be necessarily good. We are selective.

We don't think that the best sellers are necessarily doing the best music. We pay attention to any bands or artists, even unsigned ones.

We try to give all the credit they deserve to bands or artists, maybe not known, but still very good in our opinion.

Your band
is on Spotify and we don't have found it yet ? Contact us and let us know. We will listen.

We try to act without sectarianism. Any genre has good and bad. We are eclectic.

Our philosophy is : when we don't like, we just don't talk about it!
We create our own Spotify playlists for you to share. We are fair enough to not use playlists made by other people to feed ours.

MONTHLY PLAYLISTS : our monthly playlist features the best of the Indie/Alternative (Indie Rock, Alternative Folk, Folk Rock, Pop Rock, Electro Rock etc...) new releases, combining New Music Fridays and daily new releases. 95% of the tracks are releases of the current month.


Rock Monday : This playlist features the best new releases in Hard Rock, Metal, Screamo,and all sub-genres.

Pop Tuesday : This playlist features the best new releases, mostley not mainstream, in Pop, Indie Pop, Dream Pop, Electro Pop, Chamber Pop.

Alternative Wednesday : This playlist is a complement of the monthly playlist and features also new Indie / Alternative releases taken mostly from very recent albums or EPs.

MixTapeThursday : This playlist features the best new releases in Hip Hop and Rap, combined with Old School tracks.

We don't throw songs randomly in a playlist. We always think about before add a song.
SUGGEST For aything you want ask or suggest, don't hesitate to contact us.